Every so often, someone claims that babies can be taught, from birth (almost), to be toilet trained. Here’s the latest iteration of that claim – the “diaper-free” movement. These are babies that parents encourage to let them know when they are about to pee or poop. The parents then hold their children over the toilet or (as you’ll read in this story) the sink, or even a tree. These parents say they want to lessen the “environmental impact associated with diapers” or who saw parents who didn’t use diapers while traveling abroad.

Are such practices developmentally appropriate? Who knows? Child development experts disagree. But somehow I bet these parents of diaper-free babies end up with just as much dirty laundry.

To keep this relevant to libraries, by the way, here’s a book for your library’s collection on raising babies diaper-free: The Diaper-Free Baby by Christine Gross-Ioh (This link is to the Amazon listing).