To continue my previous post, here are a few more sites featuring online games that you can suggest to the parents of preschool kids:

Nick Jr.  *  PBS Kids and Sprout Online  *  BBC’s CBeebies  *  Noggin  *  and of course, Sesame Street

All of these sites don’t pummel the kids’ eyes too badly with ads, although I still think they’re awfully busy visually. I always feel that a lot of the Web isn’t developmentally appropriate for younger kids because there are too many bright colors everywhere and too many ads for the kids to be able to focus on the activity they want.

And librarians – don’t forget that you can type “coloring sheets” into Google to bring up lots of free images of all kinds of things kids want to color, such as princesses and trucks, as well as holiday images. Print out a miscellaneous stack of the ones you think your kids will want and leave it on the corner of your public desk.