musicHere’s one of my favorites, good old “Six Little Ducks” with ukulele chords. This is my “full-length” version I usually sing in storytimes. I’m working on graphics of the “important” uke chords to add to each of these sheets, as well as some other improvements, musically, for this blog. Soon, I hope!

I did want to recommend one site, KIDiddles, that has a huge collection of song lyrics, many with MIDI files you can play to get the tunes. The songs range from the great-for-storytimes to the almost ineffably bizarre. (Did someone often sing the quite politically incorrect – especially these days – “Abdul Abulbul Amir” in a place children would hear it? Read the lyrics and shake your head; it must have been funny seventy years ago.) So I recommend it with some reservations, I guess, as a funky old reference book. The lyric pages don’t include chords, though.