MusicHere’s another of my favorite ukulele songs – Aiken Drum. I tell adults that this helps build pre-literacy skills because it’s a thinking song. The preschoolers I sing this song with need to think of and shout out a) some kind of food that Aiken Drum’s body parts can be made of, and b) whether that food is fun and shaped appropriately. When I ask them what kind of food Aiken Drum’s legs are made of, it’s a lot more fun to have his legs be bananas than, say, beets. When you sing this, encourage the kids to think of whether they’d rather have, for example, their feet made of potatoes or potato chips (where they’d go “crunch, crunch” whenever they’d walk). And what if your feet were made of Twinkies? Eww. Your shoes would leak filling.

I hope the instructions for this song are clear, since I am not telling you what Aiken Drum’s arms and legs are made of – you need to either ask the kids or come up with a fun food yourself. Plus – for the first time I’m actually including the diagram of the appropriate uke chords. I’ll be adding these diagrams to all the ukulele songs I’ll post from now on. Go now, strum, and sing.