Ask Olivia graphicIt’s always gotta be embarrassing not to know about something cool that’s been around for years. So to help diminish my embarrassment, I will pass this on to you as if I know all about it. Which I don’t, which is even more embarrassing, since I don’t read the language.

There’s a fascinating Danish online library reference service for young people named “Ask Olivia.” Go to this link and you will meet the Flash-animated Olivia, who’s supposed to be 14 years old, and you can ask her questions via chat. (Of course, everything’s in Danish, so I have no idea what anyone’s asking or answering.)

When Olivia’s answers come back, the answers actually come from a rotating team of librarians from several libraries in southern Denmark. This site has been around for at least three years, and there are also other resources on Olivia’s site, several of which made no sense to me at all since I know no Danish.

But everything sure looks cool. Also, take a look at another Danish library-related site called “DotBot.” I wonder what it would be like if American public library children’s services sites looked and behaved the way these two do.