Here’s a video you need to see, if you haven’t yet. I would think that this has been posted on bunches of library blogs already, but I hadn’t seen it yet when I serendiptitously found it on YouTube while searching under the keyword “library.” And when I concluded my Sacramento PL talk by showing it, no one I asked there had seen it either. Take a look:

The Allen County (IN) Public Library made this video. Isn’t it great? Don’t you love the sober, composed reference librarian? Can’t you just picture a shortened version of it coming on during a commercial break on local TV? Plus it’s ideal for (older) kids and teens. Who wouldn’t be seized by a crazed, unthinking hunger to go to the library after seeing it?

(I must confess that I wanted to try posting a YouTube video directly to the blog instead of linking to it. Hooray! And it worked!)