Kids and MusicThis song, “The More We Get Together,” is my favorite song to start off baby lap times and toddler storytimes. I sing it, strum my ukulele, and try not to think about Barney the purple you-know-what. I’m simply glad that most parents and caregivers seem to know this song, and it gets them right into singing. Since it’s so short and simple, I always sing it twice. The youngest children, of course, will always benefit from hearing a song or rhyme more than once.

I’m finally making a break from the key of C for this song, offering it to you in the key of G instead. The G chord on a uke is very similar to G7, and will be an easy transition once you learn the G7 chord. The D chord, with three fingers close together on the same fret, is a thornier matter, particularly if you have a hand, like mine, with thick fingers. If you are lucky and have slender fingers, it should be a fairly easy chord to master. On the chord sheet, however, I tell you how to substitute C and G7 for G and D.

I notice that people are visiting my uke chord pages, but nobody’s leaving comments on whether the songs I’m offering are of any use to them. Please, let me know if they’re useful and if I should be changing anything. Thanks.