Lyra from the Golden Compass movieThe first review of the Golden Compass movie has gone up on the UK’s Telegraph Web site, written by the paper’s John Hiscock – and it’s neither especially good nor especially bad. The essence of the review, for me, is pretty much contained in one quote tinged with a little disappointment: “…it is the computer-generated animals and rodents which are the real stars – rarely has so much human talent been so overshadowed by digital effects.”

Sigh. I was afraid of this happening. Anyone who has seen as many fantasy and action pictures filled with computer-generated imagery as I have knows that CGI can’t carry the picture – it’s the story and the emotional involvement it brings with it that make the film a success or a yawn. I can only hope that when I see it, I won’t be unhappy because Pullman’s wonderful story has evaporated into pixels.