Boy readingHere’s a new blog that I hope will attract some interest among readers, tween and teen boy readers in particular. It’s called Boys Blogging Books, and it features three boys – ages 14, 11, and 12 – who are reviewing new books and interviewing authors.

I wish them luck. The blog looks a little too slick to be set up by the boys themselves, and I notice that there is a mysterious “Sheri” who actually does the posting, so I have a feeling that there’s an adult mastermind hiding behind the curtain. But no matter – the idea is a good one, and I hope these boys will continue writing about books they enjoy. Every boy of this age who reads and tells other people about it serves as a great example to other boys (even if the boy himself would sometimes rather duck and stay out of sight).

LATER: Check out the Comment from Sheri. She’s the mom of two of the boys…