I Will Never Not Ever Eat a TomatoHere’s something relieving that I’d like to pass along from Borders bookstores’ corporate HQ. It should ease your mind as we pass into the holiday season. With all the anxieties that parents, grandparents, and other gift-giving adults might be facing over toys shipped over here from China, and then recalled because of lead paint, Borders’ CEO (in a quote I hope you find as amusing as I do – it rather sounds as if he’s dissing the parental anxiety, don’t you think?) wants to remind us that books are quintessentially safe gifts:

This safety factor is a big deal with parents. Books are safe,” Borders Group CEO George Jones said Wednesday during a conference call with analysts. “The things we sell still make very good and very affordable gifts.”

Are books truly safe? I’m sure that Mr. Jones has never seen a toddler smack another toddler over the head with a copy of I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, the way I have. There may also be a few librarians who have dealt with a big-time book challenge – and smiled, and done their best to talk things over diplomatically with an outraged parent – that might disagree.