Kansas City library parking structureAnother “Hey, look at these!” post, this time from the deputydog blog – a blog primarily about architecture. Whimsical walls have gone up at two libraries, one in Cardiff, Wales, and the other in Kansas City, MO. Both have been plastered with what look like the spines of giant books.

Even though it’s extremely cool, I’m a bit bothered by the one in Cardiff, which is only temporary until library construction is completed – it looks like a shelf of adult mass-market paperbacks, as in, um, Where are the children’s books? I like the (permanent) wall of Kansas City’s library parking structure better, which includes spines for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Charlotte’s Web. (Library users voted on the titles they wanted to see.)

What a great idea! And what a great way to promote books and reading as you drive past. I wish more libraries would do stuff like this.