Henry plays the ukuleleI’ve been posting songs here for a while, but I always want to point the way to other good sites that can enhance the list of songs you have at hand. Through Alkelda the Gleeful’s “Saints and Spinners” blog, I found the site of Nancy Stewart, a children’s singer/performer in Alkelda’s home town of Seattle. Take a look.

One of the things I like best about Nancy’s site is her “Song of the Month” feature, which includes a downloadable music file to help you learn the song. (I need to do start doing that to encourage more uke players.) Since Nancy uses the guitar, some of her songs are in uke-unfriendly keys, but once you know the basic C – G7 – F sequence I’ve been using here, you’ll find that it isn’t that hard to change the song from F or A or whatever to the C chords.

To help you, here’s a link to a comprehensive chart of ukulele chords – a nice one that prints out easily on two sheets of paper, from uke teacher Michelle Kiba. Have fun, and please tell me about any great songs you learn.

I recommend “Sticky Bubblegum,” which is great with K – 3 elementary kids, and she has created or adapted a lot of simple new songs that will fit in with lots of topics that don’t have well-known songs suited to the needs of children’s programs. Want a song about the Islamic holiday Ramadan, or one about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, or a song especially designed for use with egg shakers? She has one of each of them, and more.