LittLe Mommy Golden BookYou know how it is with the Web – you end up traveling around from link to link, until you find something fun. It’s serendipity at work. This afternoon I ended up at the Report for August 2007, which includes a list of the Top Ten Lists of used books in demand in various genres.

Of course, I scrolled down to the list of children’s books, to be greeted with ten titles I wasn’t familiar with. Number One on the list is Lion’s Paw by Robb White, about two orphans’ adventures on a boat during World War II. The least expensive copy is going for about $200 on Amazon. 

Number Two is The Pink Dress by Anne Alexander (Doubleday, 1959), which looks like a pretty standard teen romance – but copies are selling for over $200 on Amazon. 

Number Three is Little Mommy by Sharon Kane. There aren’t any copies in the New York Public Library catalog, and I found out why once I looked at Amazon – it’s one of those classic Little Golden Books of baby-boomer childhoods past. Amazon’s description of the book includes:

THE “LITTLE MOMMY” in this story is an adorable little girl. We spend the day in her charming company as she cares for her dolls, treats their ills, gives them a tea party, feeds them dinner, and puts them to bed.

I’d never heard of it. But I guess that’s because at about the time this one came out, in the early 60s, I was a little boy who loved my plastic dinosaurs and Tonka trucks, and would have taken one look at this book and said, “Uck.” But Little Mommy‘s so popular these days that it’s going to be released again in April 2008.

So I guess that collecting obscure children’s books can be profitable – as long as you know which ones to keep. It appears that the famous ones – the ones that win awards – aren’t the ones. Instead, keep the ones that everyone else wears out and throws away.