Web Junction logoBack in the early days of this blog I mentioned the site for the Spanish Language Outreach Program (a program that wisely – chuckle chuckle – does not use its acronym) on Web Junction’s site. I’m mentioning it again not to chuckle (sorry), but because there’s a good discussion going on on one of the site’s discussion groups called “Spanish Picture Books for Storytime” that should be of interest to anyone with a sizable number of Spanish-speaking families with young children among the folks they serve.

If you poke through these messages, you’ll see that several people presenting Spanish picture books in their storytimes are finding them often too wordy for their young audiences, and they’re looking for some briefer, punchier titles. If you have questions about storytimes in Spanish, or with some Spanish mixed in, think about joining the group.

Plus, why not put serendipity to work and do some strolling around the site? There are descriptions of several programs, such as family storytimes, that may be perfect for your community.