Cybils LogoI swore to myself that I was NOT going to put up another children’s and/or YA literature blog when I began here. But I popped over to Wizards Wireless to see what was going on, and was surprised to see nominations for something called the Cybil Awards – “Children’s and YA Bloggers‘ Literary Awards” – posted there. Then I went and visited the Cybils’ site.

Hmm. I think of myself as a “Children’s and YA Blogger,” but I knew nothing about these awards. Normally, I’d be sad nobody told me about them, but oh, well. I’ve been mostly avoiding those children’s lit spots in my effort to attract a different niche of blog-readers. Sniff. That’s it.

But you don’t need to avoid them; if you haven’t heard about the Cybils (Cybil who, I wonder?), you should probably go and take a look before it’s all over. Meanwhile, to salvage my hurt feelings, I’ll jump over to…

Another good article in the New York Times this morning about how wealthy parents are hiring expensive tutors to help boy students become more organized (hey, I can identify – with the disorganization, anyway). Here’s the main point:

With girls outperforming boys these days in high school and college, educators have been sparring over whether there is a crisis in the education of boys. Some suggest the need for more single-sex schools, more male role models or new teaching techniques. Others are experimenting with physical changes in classrooms that encourage boys to move around, rather than trying to anchor them to their seats….

The tutors say their main focus is organizational skills because boys seem generally to have more difficulty getting organized and multitasking than girls do.

Yeah, we men all know (but we keep it to ourselves) why we’ve oppressed females all these centuries. It’s because unless we do, all the women will trample all over us with their finely honed brains and – especially – their superb talent for organization. Do you notice in this story that both the tutors who help boys get organized are women?

I sometimes think that most males have some form of ADD or Asperger’s – it’s just that for most of us, it’s mild enough that we can function acceptably. I often find myself getting ready for work in the morning, and I walk into the bedroom looking for something I need to have, but then I realize I forgot to shave, and I do. Then I go into the bedroom, and… why was I going into the bedroom?

And that’s probably why I never found out about the Cybils.

And, oh yeah – Happy New Year!