VideoJugIt has a really unfortunate name, but VideoJug is a Web resource I encountered for the first time today. If you haven’t played with it before, I recommend that you take a look at it. It’s a sort of useful YouTube.

Instead of all the tons and tons of silly, junky (but often fun) entertainment that overpowers everything else on YouTube, VideoJug specializes in brief videos of individuals – some of them amateurs, but others highly trained in their fields – giving information on a variety of practical topics. Yeah, there are some silly and inconsequential topics, too, but at least it’s not quite so hard to distinguish one from the other as it is on YouTube. VideoJug is based in the UK, but there are plenty of videos from the US and elsewhere.

I wanted especially to mention the family and parenting and education sections. Both have brief videos on topics that parents have asked me about before, such as special education information, advice on working with a child who’s having trouble reading, and strategies for discipline with toddlers.

There are also some entertaining science experiment videos such as this one, with a Mr. Wizard-like “boffin” (a favorite word of mine) making a ping-pong ball float on the stream of air from a hair dryer:

VideoJug: How To Float A Ping Pong Ball In The Air

(Note: Trying to post a VideoJug video here is an experiment. VideoJug claims it will work. So far I can’t get the little screen to appear, but I’ll fiddle with it…)