Children and TechnologyAnother New York Times fragment of an article mentions a fragment of the results of a survey released by the market research firm NPD Group. The survey tells us, after surveying their mothers, what percent of the time young people, aged 2 through 14, spend doing various entertainment activities at the PC. Not surprisingly, children spend 45 percent of their tech time playing games, 31 percent listening to music, and 9 percent of the time watching videos.

There’s a lot more that I, and I bet a lot of us, would like to know about how children are spending their time in front of a computer. The mini-article concludes:

We await a more detailed report on how these activities have affected the popularity of bedtime stories, playing with trucks and swinging on a swing set.

Actually, I would like to know things such as, how many minutes / hours of each day are spent sitting at a PC for each age? I’m willing to bet that 2 to 4-year olds are not spending many hours sitting at a PC screen, while many 12 to 14-year-olds are spending plenty. What’s the breakdown of the average number of hours for boys of each age, compared to girls?

The article notes that reading is “not essential” for many of these tech-based activities.