Austin TXHi, folks… that is, if anyone is still reading this blog. (I hope so!) The reason I haven’t posted anything for a week or so is that I have been moving. In late January I resigned my job at New York Public Library.

I now live in Austin, TX (take a look at that pyramidal skyline – in its smaller way, it’s more monumental than New York City’s – except that I miss the Chrysler Building), and will soon be working at the Austin Public Library.

Why? A little while ago, my wife, Celia Holm, who also worked at New York Public Library, grew tired of NYC mania and got a job as a youth librarian at the Spicewood Springs Branch of APL. I planned to follow her down there soon, but remained in New York for a while, waiting for jobs in Austin to open up. Staying there wasn’t my preference; I missed Celia, and a long-distance marriage is not much fun. The time had come to leave NYC, after eight and a half years there.

So here I am in Austin. And here I am back posting again. And Happy Valentine’s Day to all!