Darth Bill eats a defeated peepYes! If you’ve never heard of the sport of peep jousting, you should hightail it over to the Boys Rule! Boys Read! blog and check it out. (However, a warning: it involves a microwave oven.)

Here’s Darth Bill of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC) explaining exactly how it works, in his Feb. 28 post:

Now if you have never heard of peep jousting, you are in for a treat. What peep jousting involves is putting two Easter Peeps, each equipped with a trusty tooth pick (pushed into each peep), facing each other onto a plate and then into a microwave. The peeps will expand in the microwave and the first peep to stick the opposing peep with a tooth pick is the winner. Think I’m crazy?

No, not at all, Bill. (The photo shows Bill eating one of the exploded peeps.) I think it sounds rather cool myself (except eating the melted peep – I’ll pass). I’ve seen plenty of librarians do strange things with peeps over the years (it sounds like the subject for a Ph.D. thesis to me), but this one takes the cake, or, er, the peep. Where do these ideas come from? Watch this YouTube video, not from a library, but it shows the general idea:

Now, go try it at your library!