DOK library in DelftHave you visited Jenny Levine’s “Shifted Librarian” blog and seen the DOK? We would call it the Delft (Netherlands) Public Library, but Levine writes that those who manage it named it that way “on purpose to get away from the traditional stereotypes of the public library, because the institution they’ve created is about as far away as you can get from the connotation of a 1950s building, filled with quiet people, all of them sitting alone, in a relatively dreary building, being shushed by an old lady with a bun.”

It is an exceedingly cool library, in that European-geometric-shapes-and-colors sort of way, and the library director appears to go (?) by the solo name of Eppo (plus he wears a fright wig and clown glasses, at least in Levine’s photo).

Of course I wanted to see the kids’ area. It looks flexible and lots of fun, with shelves that can be rolled around to create play and programming spaces. And talk about video games – look at the picture! Go to Levine’s DOK Library Concept Center Flickr page and take the DOK tour.