The Little Green FrogHere’s another ukulele song I’ve used in storytimes that I’m a little hesitant to post, because after searching for it online this morning, I’m wondering whether it’s as well known as I originally thought it was. I’ve always known this song – and I mean known it since I was a kid going to camp – as “Ba-ROOMP,” said the Little Green Frog”. But when I searched for it on Google, I found lots of variations of the sound the Little Green Frog makes, including sounds like “Mm-ah” and “Mm-mm.”

(Huh? I’ve never heard a frog make a noise with a “mm” sound in it. But, oh, well. I continue to sing what I know, and that’s “Ba-ROOMP.”)

I also found a video on YouTube of a bunch of young teens on a bus singing the “Mm-ah” version to a tune completely different than the one I’ve always sung (which I won’t link to, since I don’t want it messing you up if you want to sing my version). I think I may have to finally bite the bullet and record myself so you can hear my version – otherwise the chords I’m giving here will make no sense.

If the tune you know doesn’t work with my uke chords, please let me know & I will break down & add an MP3 file of me singing it, so you can hear what I think it’s supposed to sound like.

Ah, camp songs – they can be like amoebas that change their form or split into two. It’s the folklore tradition at work. Anyway, this song can be sung to kids of any age, but I find it works best with grades K-5, because older kids pick up the silliness of the “la-de-da-de-dah” verse the best.