PLA logoI have attended fifteen or so years’ worth of ALA conferences. both midwinter and annual. Though I’ve mostly enjoyed them, I’m always slightly put out by the fact that it always appears that academic librarians far outweigh every other group in attendance. If I start a conversation with someone on a shuttle bus, it’s almost always an academic librarian. If I sit next to another table of librarians in the hotel coffee shop, all their badges say guess what? I always feel that if you throw an egg into a crowd at an ALA conference, you’ll hit an academic librarian.

Not that I have anything against academic librarians, of course. They just don’t do what I do, and I like to go to conferences to gripe with my peers and get new solutions for my issues.

Thus I’m starting to look longingly at PLA conferences. The Public Library Association conference was held in Minneapolis March 25 -29, and I’ve been reading the PLA blog over the last few days to see what kinds of presentations I missed.

And it looks as if I missed some good stuff. It appears that there were several presentations on library design, several more on services to teens, and a couple on readers’ advisory. Kathryn Foley, who calls herself “the Cannuk,” posted a couple of good things about teen services that are worth a look, as well as a link to the online handouts of “Where’s a YA Librarian When You Need One?”. (Reminding us of things most of us have heard before, but that’s why we go to conferences – to be reminded of things we forget during the every-day-at-work.)

If you weren’t there, take a look. Maybe next PLA.