Children and TechnologyHere are a few follow-up items I found on the Web that you might find worth your time:

American Libraries posted a “sum-it-all-up” story, “Library Worker’s Firing Sparks Firestorm,” on the furor at the Tulare County (CA) Library that tells the story in a slightly different, library-staff-oriented, way that the regular media never did. I’m still wondering what the whole story is; you can be sure there is stuff we’ll probably never hear about.

Then, on the other hand there’s this overview of the “evils of the Net” issue from the Fresno Bee. It’s designed, I feel, to make any parents reading it to grow at least uneasy over those liberals at the ALA. It seems to take the point that the “challenges” the Internet presents to public libraries are “new.” Ummm…

And here’s an unrelated Chicago Tribune interview with Jon Scieszka that I’m including mostly because it’s great to see the let’s-all-chill-&-not-worry-so-much attitude he takes over the issue of children’s reading. It’s called “In praise of ‘stupid reading’.” Hooray.

One more completely miscellaneous thing – author Margaret Atwood wrote this wry appreciation of Anne of Green Gables for the Gables is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. I’ve never read it – I’ve never met a man who has, although I’m sure there must be at least a few – but it’s a well-remembered favorite of lots of female librarians I know.