Cicada magazineI saw on PUBYAC, the children’s and YA library services newsgroup, that the children’s author Anastasia Suen has posted a page on her site to connect kids and teens who want to be published writers with magazines that publish young people’s work. While it seems that it gets tougher every year for those who want to be published to find places to be taken seriously (hey, how seriously are bloggers taken in an era when everyone can blog – and no one edits them?), these publications have been set up to give young writers a break – with real editors accepting them.

I’ve only heard of a couple of these publications, notably New Moon (Girls only? Hey, no fair!) and Stone Soup – and my experience is that not too many libraries even subscribe to them – so kids who get published here are not exactly breaking into the big time. And here’s Cicada, which mixes adult authors with teen writers. Some of these magazines accept author submissions from ages 12 and under; others are for teens only; one, What If?, accepts Canadians only. But whoever or wherever you are, it’s always good to see your work in print.