Children & TechnologyYahoo News reported that a group of “electro-sensitive” folks in Santa Fe, NM, is protesting wi-fi in libraries and other public buildings, and wants it removed because it’s harmful to their health.

I guess that it is kind of spooky to think of all those rays passing through your body, everywhere you go, 24/7. But there’s no getting away from it, is there? I mean, TV and radio waves are passing through you all the time, too. And what about all the electricity leaking out of all those sockets? Especially when it leaks out of those big grounded sockets with three holes? It sort of makes you wonder.

I don’t think it would be too helpful in most libraries, though, to remove wireless services. When I worked at a branch with wi-fi in New York City, I saw people come down on Sunday mornings, when the library was closed, to sit on the front steps in the snow in the middle of winter to borrow the use of the library’s router. They wouldn’t be happy if the city banned wi-fi, and I wouldn’t, either.