Demigod in Training T-shirtIf any of you are fans of the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series, the way I am, you’ll want to visit the Boys Rule Boys Read! blog run by a couple of guys at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County (NC) Library to read the story of a program they’ve done to celebrate the series. Anyone attending the Percy Jackson Summer Book Club program will get one of these utterly cool T-shirts that say (in case you can’t read it on the photo) “Demigod in Training,” and if you know the Percy Jackson series, you know what that means.

What’s even cooler is that these T-shirts were donated by a Charlotte local who wanted to help out the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County staff. What a great thing, what a great shirt, and what a great help that is for the library. I hope everyone who reads this has someone in their community who is willing to do cool things like this for the library and the kids who use it.