Tasha Tudor\'s Pumpkin MoonshineYou’ve probably seen one of the mentions of picture book illustrator/author Tasha’s Tudor’s death at the pretty remarkable age of 92. Since I’ve been working in library children’s areas for a long time, I’ve always been aware of her books. But being more the sort who preferred Dr. Seuss and Dav Pilkey, I never paid much attention to her books, finding them far too feminine and fussy, and I can’t remember when I ever used one in a storytime. I know she had plenty of fans, but I was unaware until this weekend that she’d still been alive.

When I read her New York Times obituary, I was surprised to learn that she had lived the kind of life – in a 19th-century, close to nature style – that had been way hip before its time:

She wore kerchiefs, hand-knitted sweaters, fitted bodices and flowing skirts, and often went barefoot. She reared her four children in a home without electricity or running water until her youngest turned 5. She raised her own farm animals; turned flax she had grown into clothing; and lived by homespun wisdom: sow root crops on a waning moon, above-ground plants on a waxing one.

Who would have thought? Now I’m sorry I waited so long to learn more about her.