Robert McCloskey\'s \All of us know Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings, which takes place in Boston. We would never expect, though, to see a mother duck leading eight or nine ducklings near the heavily-trafficked Katella Blvd near Disneyland on the first day of the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA. I was, unfortunately, about a block and a half away – inside the Anaheim Convention Center – when it happened, so I missed it. But two members of the Austin Public Library youth services staff, Stephanie Shipman and Suzanne Sanders, spotted them as they walked from a restaurant toward the Convention Center.

“We looked over and saw the mama duck with four or five ducklings on the curb and four more in the gutter,” Sanders told me. “She leaped down to get them, but couldn’t get them up, so we ran over and gave them a little boost onto the grass. They started crossing the sidewalk, and another woman started coming over to see. When she did, that mama duck gave out a tremendous ‘QUAAACK!’.”

They waddled away into a big flower bed. Sanders and Shipman wonder – where did they come from? But that family of ducks was, after all, right next to Disneyland.