Optenet, an Internet security company, says in a recent report (it’s a PDF) that as of this year, 36.21 percent of all Web sites contain pornography. Online shopping, by contrast, only makes up 10.5 percent of the sites.

Can this really be true? These days, I so rarely encounter a porn site as I’m zipping around the Net – and this was not the case, say, eight or ten years ago – that it hardly seems as if it could be a real statistic. But who knows? I look at the screens of kids and teens using PCs in the branch where I work, and I see, almost exclusively, either games or pages from social network sites in which they’re looking at very non-pornographic photos of friends grinning at each other from their cell phones, doing teenage kinds of things. Am I missing something? Are they zipping immediately to porn when I walk away?

Perhaps in these days of hefty filtering in libraries, especially on PCs that kids and teens use, this immense group of sites are filtered away. And I’ll ignore the fact that Optenet specializes in keeping these kinds of sites filtered away. But if true, that percentage could tell us something about human nature that many folks don’t want to hear. Don’t you think?