Trash puppets from the Million Puppets Project GalleryAlthough I was a puppeteer for nearly 20 years (1980 – 1999), I realize that I haven’t posted anything about puppetry yet on this blog. So, to remedy that…

UNIMA, the international puppetry organization, is holding its 2008 Congress and World Puppetry Festival between April 2 – 12 in Perth, Australia (it’s the first time this event has been held in the Southern Hemisphere). As part of this get-together, the sponsors have concocted one of those “Guinness Book” stunts: gather a million puppets in one place.

The event’s Web site includes a gallery of puppets that have been submitted so far from teachers and puppeteers around the world. And here’s the promotional blurb:

Imagine a million puppets in one big space. sock, hand, rod, finger, junk, glove, shadow, marionettes, and movable creations never seen before!

On April 6th 2008 this dream will become a reality when the Perth Concert Hall comes alive with puppets from across the globe for the ‘World’s Largest Puppet Display’!

The Million Puppet Project invites you to make one or one hundred puppets and send them on a journey to Perth, Western Australia, for a new Guinness World Record!

The exhibition will culminate on Carnival Day with an explosion of activities, performances and fun for the whole family. During the day the final count will take place and the record-breaking number will be announced.

Why do I bring this up in this blog? Because you can submit a puppet – or a whole bunch of puppets – to the project, too. Wouldn’t you like to gather some kids from your library, have them make puppets (look at the illustration above, from the Gallery, from a US group called “Trash Mashup” – and there are lots of other puppets headed for the display that were made by kids), and then send those puppets to the Perth Festival? Well, you can. The deadline to get them into the mail is Friday, March 21.